What is the necessity of Microsoft Office Password Protection?

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Last Updated on December 13, 2020

With the increasing rate and frequency of cyber crimes attempts, it is very important for everyone to secure their data by using encrypted codes (MS Office password protection for MS Office documents) and all other means necessary to keep it to themselves. Passwords have long since been the key to gaining access to your personal data. Considering just how many important files and documents we tend to store and send over online platforms, the wise thing to do would be to package them with a password tied on top to make sure that even if someone intercepts it, they are unable to access the information inside.

That is the principle behind Microsoft office Password protection. With the help of this well meaning ms office setup feature, you can choose a password for your document so that only the right people who know the password are able to access it. The password can be a maximum of 15 characters long, each of them being case sensitive.

Before you put any of your Word documents behind a password, it is important for you to know and remember that in the case you lose or forget this password, there is no way that ms office setup Word can help you recover it. This is why you need to either remember your MS Office document  password or save it someplace you can refer to later just in case. Note: just because you have to memorize the password does not mean you should compromise on the strength of it.

Microsoft Office Document with a Password Protection

On a Windows computer, follow these steps to protect your MS Office document:

  • Click on the file on the document you want to protect.
  • Go to Info.
  • Choose Protect Document.
  • Click on Encrypt with Password.
  • You will be asked to enter a personalized yet strong password.
  • Save the password and the document once again to implement the changes.

The method to add a password on a document on a Mac computer is a little different. Here is how to go about the process:

  • On your Microsoft Office document, go to the Review tab on the top. Here, select Protect Document.
  • Under the Security option, you can save a MS office password protection to access the document, save a password to modify the document, or even set both.
  • Confirm the passwords and click on OK to apply the changes.