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Last Updated on April 13, 2020

MS Office is one of the most widely used software application suites for PCs all around the world and for good reasons- it enables you to access a set of tools that boost workplace productivity, enhance the communication and collaboration within the team and between various departments, as well as gives greater opportunity to innovate, create, and experiment with successful results. Another one of the features that makes so special and widely revered is the fact that Microsoft releases consistent updates and patch ups to their features on a yearly basis, releasing new Office packages as well as new features in the previously existing packages that further expand the reach and capability of the Office applications and programs.

Office 2019 is currently the latest version of ms office setup in the market and has been updated with some new and exciting features by Microsoft to give you, the user, even more creative control over the tools, functions, and various elements that make up the individual Office applications as well as the Office 2019 program suite as a whole.

  • With Office 2019, you get improved presentation features and capabilities with elements such as Morph and Zoom using which you can improve the quality of your presentations.
  • You also get access to more innovative, creative, and intuitive data analysis tools as well as display features that will make your analytics a joy to look at and extremely easy to comprehend.
  • Office 2019 also further opens up the capability of using Surface devices in the workplace by letting you sketch out designs using a digital pen in various artistic cities, giving you maximum control over the details.
  • Office 2019 fleshes out Outlook by giving users access to features such as a focused inbox to keep the clutter out, groups that enable you to direct your conversations, as well as mentions to ease out your combination.


If you would like to experiment with the new and improved features that Microsoft has introduced to the world of editing and creation through Office 2019, you can consider downloading the product by using the key. Microsoft wants to make the process of downloading the program and applications very easy by introducing the concept of the ms office setup product key to make the purchase. This means that all you have to do is purchase an Office 2019 subscription, and head over to ms office setup. Here, you will be asked to log into your Microsoft account using your credentials. After that, you will be asked to enter your ms office setup product key. Once you have successfully entered the key, you will be given the link to download your Office 2019 applications and programs