January 2017 Updates for Get & Transform in Excel 2016 and the Power Query Add-in

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Last Updated on March 23, 2020

January 2017 Updates for Get & Transform in Excel 2016 and the Power Query Add-in

January 2017 Updates for Get & Transform in Excel 2016 and the Power Exceed expectations 2016 Includes a Powerful Set of Features Based on the Power Query Technology, Which Provides Fast, Easy Data Gathering and Shaping Capabilities and Can Be Accessed Through the Get and Transform Section on the Data Ribbon.

Today, We Are Pleased to Announce Six New Data Transformation and Connectivity Features That Have Been Requested by Many Customers.

These Updates Are Available as Part of an office.com/setup365 Subscription. In the event that You Are an Office 365 Subscriber, Find Out How to Get These Latest Updates. In the event that You Have Excel 2010 or Excel 2013, You Can Also Take Advantage of These Updates by Downloading the Latest Power Query for Excel Add-in.

These Updates Include the Following New or Improved Data Connectivity and Transformation Features:

  • New Ole Db Connector.
  • Improved “consolidate Binaries” Experience When Importing From Any Folder.
  • Expand/reestablish Buttons in the Navigator and Query Dependencies Dialogs.
  • Backing for Percentage Data Type.
  • Improved “work Authoring” Experience.
  • Improved Performance for Odata Connector.

New Ole Db Connector

In This Update, We Enabled Connectivity to Ole Db Drivers by means of the New Ole Db Connector. In Addition to the Wide Range of Out-of-the-container Sources Supported, Ole Db Greatly Increases the Number of Sources That Users Can Now Import From by Using Get and Transform Capabilities in Excel. The New Ole Db Connector Can Be Found Under Data > New Query > From Other Sources > From Ole Db. The Connector Dialog Allows Users to Specify a Connection String and, Optionally, a SQL Statement to Execute. On the off chance that No Sql Statement Was Specified, Users Will Be Taken Into the Navigator Dialog, Where They Can Browse and Select One or Multiple Tables Available by means of the Selected Ole Db Driver.

Upgraded “Consolidate Binaries” experience when bringing in from any envelope

One of the most prominent situations in Excel comprises of utilizing one of the organizers like connectors, (for example, Folder, SharePoint envelope, and so forth.) to consolidate different documents with a similar composition into a solitary legitimate table.

Prior to this discharge, clients could join Text or CSV records as it were. The join would not work for some other bolstered document groups, (for example, Excel Workbooks, JSON records, and so forth.), and it would not represent changes required on each document before consolidating them into a solitary table, (for example, evacuating the main column with header esteems).

  • With this discharge, we upgraded the “Join Binaries” experience when bringing in from any envelope so that:
  • Exceed expectations examines the information records from the Folder question and identifies the correct document configuration to utilize (i.e., Text or Excel Workbook).
  • Clients can choose a particular item from the rundown, (for example, a spreadsheet name) to use for information join.
  • Exceed expectations consequently makes the accompanying substances:
  • A model question that plays out all required change ventures in a solitary record.
  • A capacity question that parameterizes the record contribution to the model inquiry made in the past advance.
  • Exceed expectations at that point applies the made capacity inquiry on each document from the first Folder question and extends the subsequent information extraction as top-level sections.

With this new methodology, clients can without much of a stretch consolidate all parallels inside an envelope in the event that they have a homogeneous record type and segment structure. Clients can likewise effectively apply extra changes by altering the “model question” without agonizing over any extra capacity conjuring ventures, as they’re consequently produced for them.

Expand/Restore catches in the Navigator and Query Dependencies discoursed

The Navigator and Query Dependencies exchange (actuated from Query Editor) bolster window resizing by hauling the base right edges of the discourse. In this discharge, we caused it conceivable to expand/to reestablish these exchanges by uncovering Maximize and Restore symbols in the upper right corner of the discoursed.

Backing for rate information type

With this update, we included help for rate information types, so they can without much of a stretch be utilized in arithmetical activities for getting and Transform situations. An information worth, for example, “5%” will be naturally perceived as a rate worth and changed over to a two-digit accuracy decimal number (i.e., 0.05), which would then be able to be utilized in arithmetical tasks inside a spreadsheet, the Query Editor or the Data Model. go to the official  website click here

Other than programmed type acknowledgment from non-organized sources, (for example, Text, CSV or HTML), clients can likewise change over any an incentive to rate utilizing the Change Type choices in the Query Editor. You can do this on the Query Editor Home tab, on the Transform tab, by clicking Data Type > Percentage, or right-clicking a section and after that choosing Change Type > Percentage.

Improved “Capacity Authoring” background

We additionally made it simpler to refresh work definitions without the need to keep up the hidden M code. Here’s the manner by which it works: Create a capacity dependent on another question utilizing the “Make Function” order. You do this by right-tapping the Queries sheet inside Query Editor. When you do that, a connection will be made between the first question and the recently produced capacity. Thusly, when the client changes the first question steps, the connected capacity will be naturally refreshed also. When utilizing Query Parameters, making a capacity out of an inquiry will enable clients to utilize Function Inputs to supplant parameter esteems in the summed up capacity question. Get support for office set up by office.com/setup 365 expert.

Improved execution for OData connector

With this update, we included help for pushing Expand Record tasks to be performed in the hidden OData administration. This will bring about improved execution when extending records from an OData feed.

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