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Last Updated on January 18, 2021

Powerpoint is all the more generally used to do introductions for gatherings and preparing yet it additionally has another utilization – as a method by which you can make an e-card. An e-card means ‘Electronic Card’ and I used to make one consistently to send from my group to the majority of our partners at work by email. None of us sent Christmas cards – we used to give the cash we would have sent on sending cards to each other to a nearby kids’ malignant growth philanthropy and rather, I made a merry powerpoint e-card to send.  Get support for office set up by expert.

The following are some key tips on the most proficient method to make your Christmas card with PowerPoint through some basic advances:

  • Make another PowerPoint introduction for the Christmas card and name it as Creation A.
  • Discover “Motion pictures and sounds” from the Insert menu, and info the video from your neighborhood PC which it will at that point be showing up on the clear slide.
  • Arrangement your image by choosing on the size tab, change the stature of the image to 3, and snap OK.
  • Presently, it goes to your instant message for the Christmas card.
  • Next, you would continue to include a motion picture or video clasp to improve your customized Christmas card.
  • At long last, spare this Christmas card as PowerPoint layout (*.potx) format in your nearby PC for reuse later on.
  • You may now zip and email the multi-media card which you have made all by your very own to your cherished one, family and dear companions. They will most likely be pleased to get this phenomenal Christmas card which you have made yourself with every one of these endeavors.
  • On the Insert menu, click on Text Box, click and drag the content box to where you wish to print your messages and welcome on. When it is done, design the content as needs are.
  • To wrap things up, one of the marvels for utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint to make your very own customized welcome cards is to include your preferred music or soundtrack for your Christmas card which you could never get somewhere else. Select the choice of playing the music naturally at whatever point the welcome card is open. Modify the sound symbol to least size and place it on the base of the slide.
  • At that point continue to the Format menu, click on Slide Layout, and pick the clear design from the alternatives given.
  • Make your Christmas card spread by picking your favored picture from Clip Art, or on the off chance that you have any foundation picture that you might want to be utilized as the Christmas card spread. In the event that you are going with the previous, click on Clip Art, in the Clip Art task sheet, enter the catchphrase: Christmas in the Subject content box.
  • A rundown of pictures which are identified with Christmas, for example, Christmas trees, Christmas welcome, the festivals spirits, snow-drops, Santa Clause, and some more. Double tap on your preferred picture and the picture will show up on a clear slide.
  • In the event that you choose to utilize your very own image from your nearby drive, click on the image on the configuration menu, and drag out the image of your decision onto the clear slide. Play out the essential arranging of your image by altering on its size tab, change the stature to 5 or 6 and snap OK.

PowerPoint Christmas cards to download And Share

  • Download your preferred card by tapping the connection underneath the video see (any inconvenience downloading, check you have the most recent form of your program. Some prior adaptations of IE experience difficulty with PowerPoint documents)
  • Open the card in PowerPoint
  • Offer the card with loved ones!
  • Modify the end welcoming content inside the card
  • Spare the record as a PowerPoint Show (File > Save As > Choose PowerPoint Show from the Save as sort dropbox)