How Can I Become An Office Insider?

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Last Updated on April 13, 2020

Office 365 is an extremely handy set of tools and applications that enables any casual user or professional individual to perform their tasks, no matter how simple or complicated, with relative ease and convenience. The subscription can easily be purchased and then downloaded and activated using an product key which can be entered at Ms office setup.


By being a part of the Office Insider program, you can gain access to prerelease versions of various Office packages, tools, and applications and actually get to play a significant and impactful part in the future development and release of various Office apps and products. Once you have signed up, you can refer to the Office Insider Blog to get the latest updates and releases and then check them out on your computer.


The first and foremost requirement for you to fulfil if you want to become part of the Office Insider program is for you to get a subscription to Office 365 in any capacity, Home or Business. You can purchase a subscription from the online Microsoft Store or from a retail store, and then redeem your ms office setup product key at

When you are at the Download and Install window of the program, click on the link that says Other Options. Here, you can opt for Office Insider (32-bit and 64-bit) which is one of the given options, or you can go for the Office Monthly Channel (Targeted). The difference between these two options is that where the former delivers more frequent but less stable builds or prerelease versions, the latter gives less frequent but more stable versions. But you should know that you can always switch between either of the options whenever you wish to. Once you have made your choice, click on Install and carry on like you would when downloading a regular version of Office 365.

After installation is complete, open up any Office applications such as Word or Excel. Go under File and click on Account which will open up a separate window. On this screen, click on the option that says Office Insider and then select Join Office Insider. The following window will ask you to check the box if you wish to sign up to receive early new Office 365 releases. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and then click OK to finish the selection process. To apply the updates, you will have to go to the Updates option and select Update Now.


Unlike Office 365, for which you can purchase a subscription and download it on multiple devices as permitted using ms office setup after entering your product key, you cannot use one Office 365 Insider subscription on multiple computers. For each computer or device that you wish to utilize Office Insider landed prerelease versions of the Office programs on, you will have to join the Insider program on each one of the devices.