First Free Online Onenote Conference Aims to Engage a Global Audience,

First Free Online Onenote Conference Aims to Engage a Global Audience

First Free Online Onenote Conference Aims to Engage a Global Audience. be a part of the first-ever online analyze OneNote conference, wherein for six days professionals from throughout the globe will exhibit their OneNote guidelines, tricks, and high-quality practices. at some point of the conference, 21 speakers will percentage—thru video—how they use OneNote at home, at paintings, and in education. those pre-recorded movies can be launched at scheduled instances in the course of the conference. check in now so that you can view the videos at your convenience without cost in the course of the convention. The conference begins on November 12 and concludes on November 17. Get support for office set up by expert.

Over 20 OneNote professional speakers are lined up

prepared by OneNote wonderful-fan Jared DeCamp, the learn on-line convention capabilities 21 expert speakers from everywhere in the global. the audio system will provide in-intensity movies on OneNote topics ranging from showing how a deputy district lawyer uses OneNote as a substitute for a 3-ring binder­ and a small business proprietor tracks prices with OneNote, to how a mom makes her existence much less chaotic by means of planning her residence remodel in OneNote.

The ultimate days will encompass educators sharing how they plan their classes, maximize OneNote class Notebooks and how students are provided powerful feedback on assignments with audio and textual content. each of the six days will consist of three to 4 periods targeted on a particular OneNote topic.

The day by day themes are:

  • Getting started with OneNote
  • powerful OneNote functions
  • OneNote for life
  • OneNote for commercial enterprise
  • OneNote for education
  • OneNote for education (persisted)

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