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Last Updated on January 9, 2021

Microsoft Office installations are generally pretty easy however sometimes there may be a few problems arise. We are taking a observe troubles around Office 2013, Office 2016, Office 2019 and Office 365. There are a few tests you have to follow before going to any troubleshooting.

  • First thing you have an active subscription or an active license.
  • You have not crossed the restriction of the number of allowed devices for installation.
  • Use the Same account to set off Office with that you made the purchase.

The fixes may be executed by individuals if they’re the use of for domestic, Office 2019, Office 2016 and Office 2013. Users of Office for Business & Enterprise admins ought to view the issues, and solve it.

Troubleshooting problems for the duration of Office installation

If Microsoft Office encountered an error throughout setup & it isn’t always installing on Windows 10, then this post will assist troubleshooting troubles for the duration of Office installation.

1) Uninstall Office for a Quick Fix

The first thing you have to do is abort the setup completely, restart your laptop, and try resuming the installation. If that doesn’t work, this easy fix device to uninstall completely.

Download the Microsoft Office Uninstall Tool from Microsoft. Use it to uninstall the prevailing installation, and reinstall Office.

2) Unsupported Operating System Error

It is viable that you can have downloaded an wrong version, and while you try to installation, you get this error. The high-quality way to put in Office is from Office.Com or products.Office.Com.

You might also should set up uninstall 32-bit & reinstall 64-bit.

3) Stop, you have to wait to Install Office

It is a common ms office setup Mistake. It occurs in two scenarios

  1. If you haven’t up to date Office to the ultra-modern model
  2. Or if you have a standalone Office app that’s already protected within the newer Office suite of apps

The solve this, you want to update Office by using going to File > Account > Product Information > choose to Update Options > Update Now.

The second alternative is to uninstall the standalone model of Office.

4)The Install button doesn’t Install Office

If the Install button is inactive or greyed out, it means you do not have an active version of Office 365 subscription. For Home version Ms office setup, you can manually renew it, and for the enterprise version, connect with your Admin.