Last Updated on January 9, 2021

Installing MS Office onto your system is as easy as anything through ms office setup. All you have to do is purchase a subscription, go to ms office setup, and enter the product key to claim the product after logging into your existing or new account at ms office setup website. However, if you find yourself stuck on an error when you are downloading your Office suite from, fear not- here are some of the most common errors people encounter when installing ms office setup and exactly how you can mitigate them:

ERROR CODES 2002-4, 12007-4, OR 12152-4
This error is also applicable if your download from ms office setup is simply taking too long. If this is the case, then you need to cancel the installation and restart your computer. Often times, you will see that Office will have finished installation upon restart. If not, you can install it again by going to You will also want to double check that your internet connection is strong enough. Another option is to disable your Antivirus software and firewall, complete the installation, and then reactivate them later.

ERROR CODES 30145 OR 0-3
When faced with these errors, the most effective fix is to restart your computer and then go to ms office setup website to install the application package again after logging in to your account. Another option is to repair Office using the Control Panel. Go to the Apps and Features, select MS Office, and then click on Modify. In the subsequent window, click on Online Repair or Quick Repair and follow the given steps to finish the process.

This error usually means that your computer does not fulfil the minimum system requirements for the Office installation to finish. You will want to review the system requirements for Office and update your version of Windows to the latest one and then see if the installation is successful.

This error often arises because the Update Installer is being used by Windows in the background. To fix it, you must go to the Task Manager and end the Windows Update task, then try to finish the installation once again. Another way is to restart your computer and then check if Office is installed. If it still does not work, end the installation and download it again from