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Last Updated on April 13, 2020

Automate OneNote staff notebook creation and more with new API

Automate OneNote staff notebook creation and more with new API We are eager to declare the dispatch of the new OneNote Staff Notebook API for ms office setup 365! Since the dispatch of OneNote Staff Notebooks a year ago, the best way to make staff scratchpad was through the OneNote Staff Notebook application. Because of all the input we’ve gotten from school pioneers, educators and IT administrators, we made it conceivable to now make OneNote staff note pads automatically too. This means IT administrators, Microsoft Education accomplices and others can robotize the creation and updates of OneNote staff scratchpad over a school or area. This considers enormous time investment funds and proficiency for instructors, just as a school IT staff. Peruse the MSDN article on the OneNote Staff Notebook API for inside and out guidelines.

Automate OneNote staff notebook creation and more with new API

What does the API do?

Anybody acquainted with the current OneNote API for Office 365 will wind up comfortable with the OneNote Class Notebooks API for Office 365. Like the OneNote Class Notebook Office 365 application, the main prerequisite for educators is that they have an Office 365 staff permit and their OneDrive for Business is set up.

Assume you are the IT administrator of your school. Wouldn’t it be incredible if educators came in on the main day of the new semester and found a OneNote staff scratch pad made for the school staff? With the new OneNote Staff Notebook API, you can do only that! On the off chance that you have the programs of your school staff, all you need is a basic content that calls the OneNote Staff Notebook API to make a staff scratchpad with the best possible individuals pre-included.

You can make staff scratchpad by means of the API in the accompanying areas:

  • Scratchpad on OneDrive for Business
  • SharePoint site scratchpad
  • Bound together gathering note pads

OneNote Staff Notebook API extra assets:

  • Make staff note pads
  • Update a staff note pad
  • Get at least one staff journals
  • Erase a staff note pad
  • Include individuals or pioneers
  • Evacuate understudies or instructors
  • Supplement segments

Extra situations for the Staff Notebook API

New Staff Leader-Only segment gathering— The Staff Leader-Only area gathering is a private space where just the staff head can perceive what is inside—staff individuals can’t see anything. This API permits Staff Leader-Only segment gatherings to be provisioned by the new Staff Notebook API, or you can likewise include a Teacher-Only area gathering to existing staff note pads.

Joint effort Space lockdown— This permits the Staff Notebook Collaboration Space to be secured as read-just to refuse any staff individuals from altering. This consent API permits the lockdown of the Collaboration Space as read-just yet additionally enables the capacity to effortlessly open it.

Permissioned bunches inside the Collaboration Space— This is the capacity for a staff chief to make explicit segments in the Collaboration Space that are appointed to explicit staff individuals. It additionally enables segments to be totally escaped different gatherings if that is wanted. For more subtleties, allude to our MSDN docs. Get support for office set up by expert.

Content API— Some schools are searching for the capacity to mass-send materials into the substance library of staff scratchpad. With this new Content API, OneNote areas can undoubtedly be provisioned alongside new staff journals. The main emphasis of the API considers.ONE area documents to be embedded into the Content Library, and sooner rather than later, the API will likewise permit utilizing open journals that live on What’s more, this new Content API permits an IT administrator or accomplice to redo the Welcome segment, default Content Library area or the default Collaboration Space segment.

An alternative to not send an email when making a staff journal—When utilizing our new Create Staff Notebook API, you would now be able to indicate whether to send the Welcome Email message. This enables chop down the spam to mail when computerizing loads of staff note pad manifestations.

Accomplice openings

With the new API, we imagine bunches of new thoughts and arrangements worked by our Microsoft Education accomplices. We have heard a solid interest for new apparatuses and answers for assistance schools take off OneNote staff note pads, and our accomplices want to help give these. Accomplices and IT administrators can get familiar with these updates at the new MSDN article on the OneNote Staff Notebook API for inside and out guidelines. go to the official website click here

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