Office 365 system requirements changes for Office client connectivity

Now about the Office website we announced changes to Office 365 system requirements for Office customer connectivity and the way we’ll make it easier for enterprises to deploy and manage Office 365 ProPlus. In this post, we’re sharing some more detail about what the system requirement changes imply for IT between today and 2020 and the reason why we’ve decided to create this shift.

As technology evolves, system requirements Will Need to change

The new system requirements provide clarity and predictability for customer connectivity into Office 365 services. When customers relate to Office 365 using a legacy version of Office, they are not enjoying everything the service has to offer – The IT security and reliability benefits and end user experiences from the apps is limited to the features shipped at some point in time.

As soon as we release new on-premises apps and servers, we now use this chance to upgrade the system requirements. However there is not a frequent conference on when to upgrade system requirements to get a multitenanted cloud service which is always current. In absence of this, we’re sharing these system requirement changes as soon as possible and as part of a bigger discussion of this Office 365 ProPlus roadmap for installation and management capabilities.

As we get closer to 2020, we’ll share more details about the user experience to get affected desktop clients.

Effective October 13th, 2020, Office 365 will just allow Office customer connectivity out of subscription clients (Office 365 ProPlus) or Office perpetual clients within mainstream support to join with Office 365 services.


 Connectivity to Office 365 Impact of change Technical implications Recommended actions
Office 365 ProPlus or mainstream Office clients No change Plan for regular updates to stay within support window No action required
Office clients outside mainstream support  client connectivity no longer available Office desktop client applications, such as Outlook, OneDrive for Business and Skype for Business clients will not connect to Office 365 services Upgrade to current version of ProPlus or mainstream Office clients or use browser or mobile apps
browser and mobile apps No change No change No action required
Office desktop clients outside mainstream support not using Office 365 No change Set your own desktop upgrade timeline, in line with your on-premises server upgrades. When planning to move to Office 365 services, an Office client upgrade will be required No action required


Supplying more than 3 years advance notice with this shift to Office 365 system requirements for customer connectivity gives you time to reassess your long-term desktop strategy, budget and strategy for any change for your surroundings.

For the time being, the important takeaway is: Office 365 ProPlus is the recommended Office customer for Office 365 users. This is the Office customer that stays current with frequent feature releases and ensures that the best service experience.

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