OneNote has for quite some time been a most loved place to track what’s imperative in life–jot down thoughts, design a trek, keep a shopping list, check to-dos, and offer with family or collaborators. You disclosed to us you needed OneNote on every one of your gadgets, so we conveyed OneNote for Windows desktop, Windows store, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, and the OneNote Web App all in a state of harmony through SkyDrive.

We’re focused on giving you an awesome affair on whatever gadget you have! You’ve additionally given us criticism on new abilities you need and we’re continually attempting to enhance it in view of your information.


New OneNote Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android.

We are glad to report significant updates of OneNote for iPhone, iPad and Android. We inside call them our variant 2 applications, (after all they’re twice in the same class as adaptation 1). We know will love them. These applications depend on an altogether new code base that conveys a full-controlled OneNote experience over every gadget with more solid adjust that “just works.” Our re-building venture additionally empowers us to keep making upgrades all the more rapidly pushing ahead.

So what does this mean for you? How about we look at it…



You’ve requested rich altering and a predictable ordeal crosswise over gadgets – something nobody has conveyed to date – as of not long ago! With the new OneNote updates all organizing appears to be identical crosswise over gadgets – this incorporates content arranging, tables with shading and outskirts, format et cetera. Hyperlinks and note labels are reliably upheld. Indeed, even ink from your Windows tablet is appeared on iOS and Android now. To put it plainly, your notes appear to be identical, constantly, on all gadgets. The following is an examination of what you find in the new OneNote for iPad contrasted with the past form – what a distinction!

The new forms of OneNote demonstrate your notes precisely as you expect with rich arranging.



OneNote for iPad now has the Office Ribbon UI that makes it simple to plan and design your notes precisely as you need. You approach the rich arranging you know and love from the other Office applications — content designing including textual style, estimate shading, style, intense, italic, underline, strike through, highlighting and passage organizing, for example, projectiles, numbering, indent, and arrangement. You can embed and alter tables. You can alter hyperlinks. You can make check records and label your notes with an assortment of alternatives… it’s all there!



We heard noisy and clear that our business clients required the capacity to match up work scratch pad with Office 365 and SharePoint, and that is currently live in the new applications! As usual, the applications match up incredible with SkyDrive, yet we’ve made that more straightforward and more dependable, as well. OneNote additionally now gives numerous individuals a chance to alter a note in the meantime and see different people groups changes all the while (not at all like most note taking applications in which you’ll lose what you composed on the off chance that any other individual alters the note in the meantime).


SkyDrive and SharePoint (on premises, and Office 365 SkyDrive Pro) are upheld.

At last, I’m cheerful to share that these applications are as of now accessible for nothing with no restriction on the quantity of notes you can make – another extraordinary refresh from the earlier form. With OneNote, you can take notes while you’re disconnected, match up unbounded and team up with others — not at all like some note taking applications which charge for these capacities.

You can get the greater part of the OneNote applications from http://www.onenote.com/, or you can specifically download OneNote for iPad or OneNote for iPhone from the Apple App Store and OneNote for Android on Google Play today.

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