Improving the Office 365 support experience

Using fast, efficient, and trustworthy support is extremely important for many Office 365 customers. Whether you’re an IT admin within an enterprise business with thousands of employees, or whoever owns a flower shop with five employees, you depend on Microsoft to give excellent support so that you can focus on your business.

Based on customer feedback, we have upgraded the Office 365 support experience to supply you with faster and more efficient support which helps you to find the most value from Office 365. The brand new experience will probably be rolling out during the next couple of weeks and will soon likely be available to all customers from the end of October.

The new support experience provides several Significant enhancements:

Easy access to support – To link one to support assistance as rapidly as possible, we have set the “Need help” button on the bottom-right corner of every page at the Office 365 admin gateway. Now you can instantly open a new ticket and monitor existing ones from where you’re inside the Office 365 admin portal site.

Instantly open a support ticket by clicking the “Need help” button

Your choice of support – Support issues change in character and complexity – and while sometimes you wish to speak with a support agent right, in other situations it’s more suitable to solve the topic independently. From the “Need help” pane, you may choose between several options – ranging from self-help tools to being contacted by a support representative. Simply type in your issue and click “Get assist.” We are going to provide you suggested solutions or options to get support. Just your contact information is required to produce the ticket.

Please notice: We apologize for the inconvenience that some customers weren’t able to open multiple tickets and see their ticket history throughout the rollout process.

Intelligence built-in

Proactive support – Instead of waiting for one to telephone us if we discover specific issues with your service – such as failures on your experience with Skype for Business calls – we shall provide you a courtesy telephone and walk you through how to correct the issue. If you miss the call, you’ll be able to see a summary of the guidance from the Message Center.

Automated classification and routing of tickets – From the brand new experience, we are taking the guess work from ticket production. By minding machine learning, we automatically classify the information which you inform us about your issue to path the ticket to the ideal support representative for shorter resolution time. All you need to do is to offer a short description of your issue.

Personalized self-service options – a number of our customers wish to solve their issues themselves. To enable you to do so, we are enhancing the self-service support recommendations to be intelligent and personalized. Recommendations are based on the two information you provide and our telemetry information. Based on this information, we don’t simply point you to additional relevant resources – such as troubleshooting tools, videos, or even assist articles – but in many cases we also directly advocate a specific action for you to solve the problem. Telemetry Based Recommendations

Quick callbacks – Customers have shared that they want to have more clarity around when they’ll be reached by support and an ability to ensure the phone back will come in a convenient moment. From the brand new experience, we strive to phone back you back in 20 minutes or less so it is possible to get help — if it’s convenient for you — clicking “Let us call you”.

Request a call on an existing ticket – If you require immediate help on a continuous issue, there’s no requirement to make a new ticket and start from scratch â$” simply request a telephone to the existing case using the “Telephone me” button and the upcoming available agent will call you back in about ten minutes.

More importantly

We are working on various enhancements which will roll out at the coming months, including the ability to see detailed solutions steps for tickets which were closed.

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