Information can be exchanged between a few Excel worksheets physically and also naturally. On the off chance that the Excel worksheet contains few records, a manual operation to exchange information between a few sheets should be possible. In any case, for databases that contain a lot of information, manual operation should be kept to a base. To duplicate information starting with one database then onto the next, a couple of key presses and flipping between the worksheets are required. Manual exchange of information between a few sheets in Excel is attainable for little information, for example, participation sheets of a class. The keys may differ for more up to date forms of the Excel office programming or for Visio.



Exchange information between sheets under Excel:

This includes a participation sheet. A tab for every month with segments for week after week participation, an aggregate for the month and a synopsis tab containing the understudies’ names nd the month to month sums.

I might want to exchange understudies’ names and the month to month sums related with each name to a rundown sheet.



Open both spreadsheets. In the spreadsheet where you need the data to show up tap on that cell and enter the equivalent sign. At that point go to the Windows tab and pick the other spreadsheet. Tap on the cell that you need to import the data from. At that point hit enter.

This should work. On the off chance that you are utilizing another variant of Office or Visio the tab might be titled in an unexpected way.

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